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I am a passionate entrepreneur, software developer, self trained psychologist and certified life coach, business and political strategist as well among other things


I cover a wide range of topics including personal development, travel, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, business, blockchain technology much more. Find something that interests you and dive into the articles!


Discover new perspectives and get inspired through my blog. Let my words ignite your passion and creativity, as well as hunger for growth and empower you to unleash your full potential.

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  • The Day I met Eugenio Baeza, my favorite Business Tycoon

    By Jaime Enriquez Parada I have been wanting to write this for a couple of years now of an event that changed my life forever. This is the best I have made my best to recall the events that took place the first or second week of January 2015. I was lucky enough to have…

  • Reaching 500 million app Downloads

    by Jaime Enriquez: I started this startup around 17 years ago. It was 2007, and I was hungry for growth. I was working at a famous French development powerhouse, Ubisoft, in their mobile division in Mexicali, Baja California. I had been working there for a few months, but having been an entrepreneur and a developer…

  • How to build a Video Game Powerhouse with 5 dollars on your pocket

    A documentary that was made about me about 6 or 7 years ago of how I started Inode Technology, a startup that ended up being Nokia number one supplier of videos games and content with over 500 million downloads in 200 countries/territories. (Spanish) You can turn on Transcripts on Youtube for English.

  • El día que conocí a Eugenio Baeza, al titan de negocios de Chihuahua

    Por Jaime Enríquez Parada Hace un par de años que he querido escribir esto sobre un evento que cambió mi vida para siempre. Esto es lo mejor que he hecho para recordar los eventos que tuvieron lugar la primera o segunda semana de enero de 2015. Tuve la suerte de que me concedieran una visita/entrevista…